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Dungey Snaps The Champs Win Streak.

Atlanta, Georgia was the site for Rd 7 for the Monster Energy Super Cross Series.would be a little different without 22 Motorsports Rider Chad Reed. Last week Reed crashed ending his season with multiple injuries, and giving up second place in the highly intense points battle. Ryan Dungey came into Atlanta 13 points behind last years Champ Ryan Villopoto. Dungey has one win this season on his factory KTM ,and has been pretty consistent keeping him in the hunt for the title. Villopoto is the hottest rider in SX at the moment winning three races in a row looking to put number four in the bank and increasing his point lead over Dungey.

The nights heat races set the stage for the ever exciting main event with both James Sterwart (on his JGR,Toyota Yamaha) and Ryan Villopoto (riding his Monster Energy Drink Factory Kawasaki) winning each of their respected heats. Dungey had a little incident, giving up the lead to Villopoto, but came back to put himself into the nights main event. Cole Seely and Davey Millsaps battled for the second spot behind Stewart in first heat race.This was Seely’s first ride on a 450, giving it a good run for Team Muscle Milk, Honda. Cole is filling in for Hondas Trey Canard, who was badly hurt earlier in the year. Cole won the opening round in Anaheim, CA in the lites West Class aboard a Honda as well.

As the riders lined up at the gate for the nights SX Main Event, the holeshot was going to be very important for the participants of the 20 lap Main. Heading into the first turn it was the Newbie Cole Seely on his (Team Muscle Milk Honda) with KTM rider Ryan Dungey fast on his rear wheel. The two were followed by Millsaps, Villopoto and James Sterwart for the first lap on the floor of the Georgia Dome. Cole Seely put some dirt in between himself and Dungey for the first few laps getting into a nice rhythm on his Honda. Back in the pack Ryan Villopoto, and James Stewart were trying to make their way to the front after bad gates from both riders. Sterwart and Villopoto were both swapping fast laps back and forth as they pulled up into the top five. Dungey set up the pass for the lead in the rhythm section on lap seven setting his sights on his second win of the year. Meanwhile The champ was on the move to the front with Stewart not to far behind. The two made their way to the second and third positions, about 3 seconds behind the leader Dungey. As the race passed the half way point it was evident that Villopoto and Stewart were on the move setting fast laps, while Dungey was fighting his way through lap traffic.

Each of the top riders needed to stay mistake free on the tricky Atlanta track, to get on the podium at the end of the night. With four laps to go Ryan Villopoto closed up within a second and a half behind Dungey. The two were both “knuckles up “ riding on the edge, trying to get the most out of their machines and themselves. This was a very exciting race to watch from the couch, when Dungey bobbled Villopoto would catch him, only to give it right back after a mistake of his own. The Champ put on one more charge on the last lap, but could not get close enough and had to settle for second behind Dungey. Stewart finished a strong third with his (JGR,TOYOTA YAMAHA) teammate Millsaps getting his best finish of the year in the fourth spot.

Justin Barcia logged his second win of the Lites East Series on his (Geico Honda) over( Kawasaki’s) Blake Baggett, giving Barcia a perfect 50 points heading into St.Louis next week.

Dungey pulled within 10 points on Villapoto going into St Louis next weekend for round 10 of the Monster Energy SuperCross Series. Kevin Windham finished 8th on his ( Geico Honda) for his 200th SX start.

Flat Track Season Almost Upon Us

During the winter months riders usually hit the frozen ponds in the area or attend the very popular Winter Series @(SDR) trying to stay in shape for the summer season, but with the mild winter most of the ice racing has been limited except for a couple of indoor shows and an outdoor race this past weekend. With Daytona Bike Week 2102 coming up in March, some riders will migrate south for the festivities in Florida. AMA kicks off their Flat Track season at the Daytona Short Track, for some handle bar to handle bar racing. This will give the locals from Upstate NY a chance to run against the best riders in the country.

Square Deal Riders kicks off their  Flat Track 2012 season May 5. I know I am looking forward to that first race in Port Crane, NY.

Last year the competition was great as always on the Fast Dirt Oval. Every race is exciting including the Lee Thomas cup ( July,28) and don’t forget the AMA Vintage weekend including the Larry Weiss Memorial race which is always a fan favorite. (June 29,30)

The season ends this year on September 15 with the show stopping Aaron Creamer Memorial Race. This race always brings out the big names and helps the locals run a little bit harder looking to take home the cool trophy.

The Quads take the spot light for their annual Quad  Championship on June ,2. Bring your friends to watch these Four Wheel Mad Men battle for the allusive Championship Crown.

Check out Square Deal Riders Site for the complete schedule for the 2012 racing season. Square Deal Riders

Sheppard wins a close over Wight at Volusia

Sheppard Outlasts Wight in Epic Volusia Finish
Two-time defending series champ wins UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit race for third straight year
BARBERVILLE, Fla. – Feb. 24, 2012 – It couldn’t have been more exciting if it was scripted

Two-time defending Super DIRTcar Series champion Matt Sheppard snared his first victory of the season Friday night in an epic battle with upstart Larry Wight in front of a packed crowd at Volusia Speedway Park. The duo swapped the lead numerous times throughout the 30-lap feature and each took advantage of the other’s miscue during a pair of late-race cautions.

“It would have been more exciting for me if it was less exciting,” Sheppard said. “Wow, what a race.

“Heck of a race with Larry Wight. We were trading back and forth, side by side. It was a lot of fun.”

Wight, who started on the pole, led from the drop of the green flag before Sheppard took the lead for the first time on lap five. The top spot changed the next two laps before Sheppard grabbed the lead exiting turn four on the seventh lap.

Sheppard chose the inside line for the restart on the first caution – lap 10 – and stormed to a half-straightaway advantage before entering lapped traffic on the 20th circuit. Sheppard maintained a sizeable lead until a caution on lap 25 mixed everything up.

Sheppard again chose the bottom, but Wight capitalized on momentum exiting turn two to grab the lead. He then pulled away to a several car-length lead before a caution with three laps remaining.

“I didn’t want to see that caution because I felt like I was rolling pretty good,” Sheppard said. “And anything can happen on a restart, anything can change, and that’s what happened. He got me on the restart. I thought I lost the race right there. Luckily the caution came out and I got another shot at it.”

Wight picked the outside lane for the final restart, which turned out to be wild. The two were side-by-side as they entered turn one, where they touched wheels and Wight slid up the track.

“I just thought maybe the top had a little more bite,” he said. “Matt just had a better start than I did and I spun the tires. Then going into (turn) one he kind of slid up and took the lane away from me, and caused me to lose another spot to Danny.”

Sheppard pulled away for the victory and Danny Johnson, who claimed last night’s season opener, took advantage of the contact to finish second.

“Being in third spot I hoped they’d take each other out,” said Johnson, who started 11th. “It was unfortunate for Larry to get bumped out like that, but I guess that’s the way racing is.”

Wight finished third, with Tim Fuller fourth and Rick Laubach fifth. Stewart Friesen charged from 18th to sixth, Brett Hearn was seventh, Rich Scagliotta eighth, Andy Bachetti ninth and Jimmy Horton rounded out the top 10.

Scagliotta, Sheppard, Peter Britten and Bachetti each posted the quickest lap in their qualifying session with Bachetti earning the fastest overall – and only driver in the 17-second bracket – at 17.996 seconds.

Scagliotta, Fuller, Wight and Bachetti picked up victories in the heat races, and Jamie Mills held off Dustin Delaney in a thrilling, side-by-side Last Chance Showdown.

Tickets for Saturday’s finale of the 41st annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit can be ordered online by clicking, by calling 877-395-8606 or purchased at the track.

UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment Statistical Report; Volusia Speedway Park; Barberville, Fla.; Feb. 24, 2012

A-Main (20 laps): 1. 9s – Matt Sheppard; 2. 27J – Danny Johnson; 3. 99L – Larry Wight; 4. 74 – Tim Fuller; 5. 7 – Rich Laubach; 6. 85 – Stewart Friesen; 7. 20 – Brett Hearn; 8. 8 – Rich Scagliotta; 9. 34 – Andy Bachetti; 10. 5 – Jimmy Horton; 11. 22c – Mario Clair; 12. 1 – Darwin Greene; 13. 21a – Pete Britten; 14. 10s – Michael Storms; 15. 8r – Rob Bellinger; 16. 60 – Brian Berger; 17. 23 – Billy VanInwegen; 18. 14 – C.G. Morey; 19. 48T – Dave Rauscher; 20. 29 – Chris Ostrowsky; 21. 3d – Matt DeLorenzo; 22. 39 – Dustin Delaney; 23. 88 – David Allen; 24. 30 – Jamie Mills; 25. 2 – Brian Truppi; 26. 10J – Alan Johnson.

Qualifying Group 1: 1. 8 – Rich Scagliotta; 2. 29 – Chris Ostrowsky; 3. 5 – Jimmy Horton; 4. 22c – Mario Clair; 5. 60 – Brian Berger; 6. 88 – David Allen; 7. 30 – Jamie Mills; 8. 97 – Michel Chicione; 9. T21 – Roger Chrysler.

Qualifying Group 2: 1. 9s – Matt Sheppard; 2. 74 – Tim Fuller; 3. 27J – Danny Johnson; 4. 39 – Dustin Delaney; 5. 2 – Brian Truppi; 6. 85 – Stewart Friesen; 7. 99 – Bruno Lepage; 8. 79 – Jeremy Markle.

Qualifying Group 3: 1. 21a – Pete Britten; 2. 99L – Larry Wight; 3. 7 – Rich Laubach; 4. 20 – Brett Hearn; 5. 33 – Ray Swinehart; 6. 10s – Michael Storms; 7. 1 – Darwin Greene; 8. 6N – Kevin Bates.

Qualifying Group 4: 1. 34 – Andy Bachetti; 2. 10J – Alan Johnson; 3. 8r – Rob Bellinger; 4. 3d – Matt DeLorenzo; 5. 14 – C.G. Morey; 6. 23 – Billy VanInwegen; 7. 48T – Dave Rauscher; 8. 21K – Randy Chrysler.

Heat 1: 1. 8 – Rich Scagliotta; 2. 5 – Jimmy Horton; 3. 22c – Mario Clair; 4. 60 – Brian Berger; 5. 29 – Chris Ostrowsky; 6. 30 – Jamie Mills; 7. 88 – David Allen; 8. 97 – Michel Chicione; 9. T21 – Roger Chrysler.

Heat 2: 1. 74 – Tim Fuller; 2. 9s – Matt Sheppard; 3. 27J – Danny Johnson; 4. 2 – Brian Truppi; 5. 85 – Stewart Friesen; 6. 39 – Dustin Delaney; 7. 99 – Bruno Lepage; 8. 79 – Jeremy Markle.

Heat 3: 1. 99L – Larry Wight; 2. 20 – Brett Hearn; 3. 7 – Rich Laubach; 4. 10s – Michael Storms; 5. 21a – Pete Britten; 6. 6N – Kevin Bates; 7. 33 – Ray Swinehart; 8. 1 – Darwin Greene.

Heat 4: 1. 34 – Andy Bachetti; 2. 10J – Alan Johnson; 3. 3d – Matt DeLorenzo; 4. 8r – Rob Bellinger; 5. 23 – Billy VanInwegen; 6. 14 – C.G. Morey; 7. 48T – Dave Rauscher; 8. 21K – Randy Chrysler.

B Main: 1. 30 – Jamie Mills; 2. 39 – Dustin Delaney; 3. 14 – C.G. Morey; 4. 88 – David Allen; 5. 99 – Bruno Lepage; 6. 1 – Darwin Greene; 7. 97 – Michel Chicione; 8. 48T – Dave Rauscher; 9. T21 – Roger Chrysler; 10. 33 – Ray Swinehart; 11. 21K – Randy Chrysler; 12. 79 – Jeremy Markle.

UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Top 10 Points: 1. 9s – Matt Sheppard – 156; 2. 74 – Tim Fuller – 154; 3. 27j – Danny Johnson – 152; 4. 85 – Stewart Friesen – 136; 5. 10j – Alan Johnson – 132; 6. 22c – Mario Clair – 130; 7. 7 – Rick Laubach – 128; 8. 5 – Jimmy Horton – 124; 9. 21a – Peter Britten – 120; 10. 99l – Larry Wight – 116.

The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, GM Performance Parts, Nationwide Insurance and Safety-Kleen. Promotional partners include the University of Northwestern Ohio and Chizmark Larson Insurance. Contingency sponsors are ASI, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Comp Cams, Intercomp, JE Pistons, KSE Racing Products, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Ignition, Penske Shocks, Racing Electronics, Superflow, Vicci Racing Apparel, WIX Filte

Monster Energy New Sponsor in Speedway



Friday 24th February 2012, 14:30

Rights holders of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix (SGP) and FIM Speedway World Cup (SWC), BSI Speedway – an IMG Worldwide company – have agreed a multi-year sponsorship deal with one of world motorsport’s biggest supporters, Monster Energy.

The energy drink brand will serve as presenting sponsor of the SGP series and title sponsor of the SWC, which will now be known as the FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup, and a new logo featuring the Monster Energy brand has been designed for the SWC tournament, which takes place in July.

Monster Energy has already made a huge impact on the shale sport after supporting Californian Greg Hancock to his second individual world title last year and they also sponsor 2010 gold medallist Tomasz Gollob, Australian speedway champion Chris Holder and Swedish star Antonio Lindback.

The company has built its reputation by sponsoring some of motorsport’s all-time greats from Michael Schumacher to Valentino Rossi, and BSI Speedway managing director Paul Bellamy is delighted they will play a huge role in the SGP series and SWC.


“We love this sport, from the athletes to the dedicated fans, so it’s great to be able to support both the SGP and SWC in their mission to grow this great sport.”

– Jamal Benmiloud, Monster Energy



He said: “It’s fantastic for the fans and the series that Monster Energy are on board. They have exciting plans to engage with our fanbase as well as attract a new generation of fans to the world championships.

“The Monster Energy brand is growing spectacularly. They have an outstanding online presence and over 14 million followers on Facebook.

“We look forward to working in partnership with Monster Energy to raise their profile even further and take the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup to greater heights.”

Jamal Benmiloud, marketing director, Monster Energy, said: “We love this sport, from the athletes to the dedicated fans, so it’s great to be able to support both the SGP and SWC in their mission to grow this great sport.

“We’re delighted to play our part in presenting the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup. We can’t wait to catch up with speedway fans around the world this season.  We’re looking forward to an exciting season ahead.”

Rob Armstrong, IMG senior vice president global head of motorsports, added: “It’s a credit to the SGP series and the BSI Speedway team that we have attracted a brand like Monster Energy. 

“There are exciting times ahead for the world championships with the Grand Prix series expanding into the Southern Hemisphere this year. I’m delighted to have Monster Energy on board and they have a huge part to play as we continue to develop truly great world championship events.”

Local Racers Compete at Motorama 2012

Local Racers Compete at Motorama 2012

Local R/C Racers traveled to Harrisburg, PA. For the annual Motorama Show at the Farm Show Complex. Dave Compton, Dan Holcomb, Kevin Crandall, Matt Peterson and the Calandra brothers, Frank and Mark all took part in one of the biggest R/C events on the east coast.

Over 700 racers from around the country entered this years event looking to get noticed, or to add to their already shiny resume. Central NY was well represented at this year’s race with the likes of Dave Compton, Dan Holcomb, RC SOUPS Kevin Crandall and Matt Peterson. Frank and Mark Calandra from CRC Raceway in Rome NY also made the journey to Motorama looking to compete in some good off-road racing.

Frank and Mark Calandra

Early Friday morning all of the competitors started filing in, setting up their tables and pit areas for the weekend’s race program. Friday’s events started with controlled practice for all classes on both the 1/8th scale track as well as the 1/10th scale clay track. Each racer would be seated for Saturday’s heat racing by their times clocked during practice. The Calandra Brothers fared pretty good getting seated in the A-B main heats. Frank in 4×4 Mod SC and Mark in the 2 wheel Mod SC class. Compton, Holcomb were seated mid pack in both 2 wheel Mod and 4×4 mod classes. Team RC SOUP also had respectable runs placing them in the upper third of Saturday’s qualifying events.

Early Saturday morning the doors opened for the competitors to begin their long day of qualifying. On the 1/8th scale track there were 3 rounds with 38 races per round. At the same time next door at the 1/10th scale track over twenty heat races were being run with three rounds each.

All of the racers were scrambling to find the correct tire combo for the days events. J Concepts had a booth setup on site and they were busy all weekend helping everybody make the right tire selection for both tracks. The clay track started out with guys running almost slicks, and as the weekend went on they ended up running ( Barcodes) from JConcepts. Over at the 1/8th scale track we saw all kinds of tires and foams being tried on the Short Course Trucks. The track began blowing out developing some significant holes in the corners, making it hard to race wheel to wheel without contact.

After the first two rounds everybody was pretty much locked into their mains for Sunday. Mark Calandra put himself into the A-main in 2 wheel mod with his brother Frank looking good in both 2 wheel SC, as well as 4×4 mod SC starting in the B-main for both.

Matt Peterson found himself in the D-main for stock 2 wheel SC with teammate Crandall locked in the F-main. Each one had a good showing so far at their first Motorama. Jarrodd Goepel had a good day putting his 2 wheel SC truck solid into the A-main.

Jerodd Goedel

After a long day at the races Saturday the racers went back to their hotel rooms to try and get a few hours of shut-eye before they had to go back and do it all over again on Sunday. The doors opened at 7:30 Sunday morning with the days schedule full of mains on both tracks. The 1/8th track had 58 feature events to run and the 1/10th scale track would be running 27 mains to finish off this year’s Motorama. Dave Compton had a great run in his K- main for 4×4 mod class. Dave worked his way up to the second spot putting him in the bump spot to move into the J- main. Then in the J-main Compton raced his (CRC, Hobbywing, Silentshots Photography and Dumpers Speedshop sponsored Losi) up to third just one spot from bumping up again. Dave was happy with his performance over all in 4×4 Mod. Compton ended up with a strong run in 2 wheel Mod as well with a 8th place finish in the D-main. Holcomb also had a good day in both his feature races ending up 4th in the F-main 4×4 and 5th in 2 wheel Mod E-main.

Dan Holcomb

Frank Calandra had a great 4×4 Mod B-main finishing second after leading most of the race until he went off course dropping back to the second spot which was good enough to put him into the ever popular A-main. This weekend was Franks first attempt at racing 4×4 Mod. Calalandra started the A-main in the rear looking to get to the front in a hurry before the leader ran away and hid. Frank’s luck ran out when the traffic in the back was to hard to get through giving him a top ten finish, ending his 2012 Motorama. Frank also finished 9th in the B-main for 2 wheel Mod SC and 6th in the D-Main for 1/8th scale Buggy.

Frank Calandra leading the field through the holes in one of his Main Events.

Mark Calandra wheeled his (CRC, Losi) SC truck to a 10th place finish in the 2 wheel Mod A-main. Mark also ran his 1/8th scale buggy to a 5th place finish in the B-main.

The upstate Boys had a good showing in PA at this years Motorama. Each one of them said that they will return in 2013 to compete again and look to improve on this year’s finishes.

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Motorama 2012

Motorama 2102 is taking place this weekend in Harrisburg,PA. at the 1 million SQ feet Farm Show Complex. Two days of non stop motorsports. Over 600 entries for the popular R/C racing. This event will include 1/10th scale electric, and 1/8th scale electric. There are two different tracks on site for this R/C monster of an event. Visit RC to keep up with all of the R/C action from Harrisburg.

The farm center will also host Go-kart races, 1/4 midget races, as well as the always exciting Arena cross action from both Motorcycles , and Quads. As these events are filling the center with wheel to wheel racing there is also a Car show and a Speed show that will include race cars from all divisions from around the nation. The Car show will have plenty of eye candy for those muscle heads in the building. Vendors will be showing off their latest product that can improve you cars performance or make you car stand out from all others at your local car show this summer.

Robot wars should be an exciting event to watch as well on both Saturday and sunday. Participants will go head to head with their creations trying to be king of the Robot Wars for 2012.

Look for more from BUZWORD from Motorama 2012 this weekend as well as RCSOUP.COM for complete event coverage.