Syracuse Nationals 2012


The Syracuse Nationals started Thursday with registration and venders setting up their booths for the weekend. The weather was great for the 20th year of the Nationals with temps in the 80’s and 90’s through out the entire show. My son and I traveled up I 81 north to the fair grounds on Friday morning to get our first look of the vast variety of colors, and vehicles from all over the right coast. I had found out Thursday that they also would be holding the mini nationals, which is a high competitive car show for scale models. This was held in the horticultural building on the fair grounds. Back about fifteen years ago i built a 49 merc custom model, but never showed the car because of different things going on at the time. I was pretty heavy in the modeling scene in the 90’s winning my share of shows and awards around Central NY. So I brought out my merc cleaned it up some and entered it in the mini nationals. I had always wondered how this car would have done in shows, but never thought that I would find out.

Cruz ( my son ) and I went straight to where the model show was happening. After I filled out my entry form we set up the display for my entry on the custom class we set up we checked out the other cars that would give me a run for my money. The other cars on the table were well built and were going to be tough to beat. We left the car displayed all weekend to be judged and admired by thousands of spectators that would come through the gates to see the right coast car show.

I had my new canon G12 camera with me all weekend taking hundreds of images of the most beautiful cars around. Every nook n cranny of the fair grounds was filled with a car or truck shining in the bright sunshine of Upstate NY. As we walked around we would stop and look at a car that caught our attention, ” saying that is the best car I have seen yet”. Then three cars down we would stop and say it again it was amazing how nice the field of cars and trucks were.


Friday we walked around until almost four o'clock and then headed home to get some rest before saturday. When we got home I uploaded the pictures that I had taken and put them up on Facebook for other people to enjoy.

Saturday morning my two sons and my self headed back up 81 to get another fill of eye candy, and hear some horsepower that would rock your world. When we were about two miles from the show the traffic was at a standstill with all the people trying to park for the show. Once we found a place to park we headed to areas that we had missed the day before. The crowds were like what you would find on a weekend during the state fair. It was harder to get a clean picture with all of the traffic around the cars.


We made our way into the building that had all of the pin stripers and airbrush artist painting all kinds of things to auction off for charity. One of the special guest was Nub from the TV show OCC. my son Cruz heard his name and was all excited that he was there. Cruz has been teaching himself how to airbrush and pinstripe the last few months, so this was right up his alley.


We ended up seeing even more cars on Saturday then we did on Friday. The car corral was full of nice rides for decent prices. We looked at a few and dreamed about what we would do to them if we owned them, it was fun.

Sunday Cruz and I went north again to check out some more vehicles as well as see how I made out in the mini nationals. Awards for the model show were planned for noon. So we cruzed around the grounds again looking to find some new arrivals. Yes there were even more vehicles that we had not seen yet. At 11:00 we headed for the building that was holding the mini nationals. The Artie party was finishing up their first auction of the day, and the model club took over the stage for the award ceremony. They gave out some special awards to start things off, and then went into the class winners, starting with the box stock class. I was in the custom class about 25-30 entries on the tables. One of the guys in my class won a couple individual awards at the start of the ceremony. So I thought that if he won those that he would be number one in class, leaving me battling for a second or third place trophy. They called of third and second place in the Custom class, and my name wasn’t one of them. I was bumming until he called first place in that class was entry number 82, that’s me I was pumped as I went up to get my trophy. I was very happy about the win, but to top it off my name was called again for the clubs pick award as well. Now that was even better knowing that of all the entries together they picked my car as the their favorite of the show.

I think that the Syracuse nationals 2012 was a great show to go to as a spectators as well as a competitor. The price for tickets were $17 making it hard to go every day of the event. They should do a weekend pass to help get people there more than just one day. Other than that great show I will go back every year from now on if I am able to.



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