Sunday At The Syracuse Nationals


Sunday was the last day of the 15th annual Syracuse Nationals. We had been at the show for two days enjoying all of the nice iron on the fair grounds. Both Friday and Saturday the NYS Fairgrounds where pack to capacity. After two days I still had not seen all the entries.


A friend of mine gave me and my wife a couple tickets for the last day of the show. On our way up RT. 81 cars where heading home in the south bound lane. This is always a bummer, because it means that this great event is almost over for another year.


As soon as we entered the show we headed over to the winners area to see who had survived the judging on Saturday. Our friends from Cortland did not make the cut, but being picked in the 120 out of 8000 is nothing to be sad about. The crowd was small making it easy to take some nice shots of the cars without people all over the place. So I started shooting the vehicles in the final group, and it started raining. It’s like really? Small crowd nice cars and it starts raining. Everybody started to head for cover, including my wife, I took full advantage and grabbed a lot of good shots.


The rain stopped after a few minutes, and the people started to rome around again. All of the vehicle owners opened their trunks to get their cleaning supplies out to get them looking top notch for the rest of the day.
We cruised the grounds and the buildings before the afternoon crowd became big again. We went and checked out the Winfield Six one more time, and the pinstripers at the Artie Party. Those guys are a great group raising money for children’s charity.


Also in Sunday at the Nationals modern muscle cars where allowed to join the cars in the show. This was cool seeing the show cars of the future. Friends of ours traveled north with their friends in the Challenger club. Dodge, Ford, and Chevy have all stepped up their game with the Modern muscle cars. There where some B.A.D. cars among the classic entries.




So that’s a wrap for the 2014 Syracuse Nationals. Once again The Right Coast guys did a whale of a job in Syracuse. I love this show and by the way the crowd looked, so do a lot of other people. If you get a chance to make it to next years please do you won’t be disappointed. Get out and support your local car club and car shows, it is a great way to meet new people and enjoy the Automobile.



Check out this year and past nationals at John Zachary Photography

Take care


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