What’s Your Image Style?


What is your image style when you are processing your photos? If you give a RAW image to ten people, and have them process them, you would have ten different pictures. We all enjoy looking at certain types of images, from Black n White, HDR, and those created with the Instagram filters. I have to be honest I go through periods where I make everything black n White, and then I will start shooting multiple exposers to create a HDR image. I wonder how many of you do them same?


Some photographers have a style that they have perfected and use for everything they shoot. It is all part of their brand. I can see why they do this, but on the other hand it is really fun to try other things. It’s like having more than one tool in your huge toolbox.

What does everybody use to process your images? I use lightroom 5 for all of my processing. Let me know what is your work flow like. Now a days using the wifi that is built into most cameras, it is fun to send them to a phone or tablet, and then apply your person style to them with apps like snapseed. When I started shooting digital I was using Apeture, and then I moved onto lightroom. With all of the plugins from these other companies the toolbox is getting pretty full. Photomatix works great to blend images for a over the top HDR or just to get as much dynamic range out of your pictures.


Over processing is frowned apon in some circles, but I don’t mind it at all in certain pictures. If dine right they remind me of a good painting. It’s all about person taste, and what you enjoy to look at. High contrast Black n White prints just make me smile, I love them, and really like processing them too. So what is your favorite type of image process? Leave me a message I would love to see what people are doing.

Now when a image is posted and the white balance is way off or it’s over sharpened, then I kinda of say oh that’s too bad they missed it. We all have seen the really yellow images online and people saying wow that is a wonderful picture. I’m not saying I never put up a bad image, because I do, but I wish I could help that person get their image a little closer to they way it looked when they shot it. We all have been criticized about a picture that we have done. It is hard to hear it, but if it is good advise, then we should take it and try to learn from it.


We all need to shoot for ourselves, and do personal projects to help stretch our comfort zone that we all love. This way when we are asked to shoot for a customer we will be ready and confident with our equipment and our knowledge of photography. Just keep shooting and keep trying different things in camera and in post processing.


I guess it is easy to look at someones image and pick it apart technically, but we should remember that this is their vision, and they shoot what they like. I guess there is a fine line from trying to help someone with there processing, and hurting their feelings with out comments. I don’t know where that line is, but it is there.


I would really like to hear from all of you on what your style is and how you achieve it. Either with lightroom, Photoshop, snapseed, or any app that is on the market.

You can check out my style at John Zachary Photography

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