Shooting The Minolta SRT 101

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Hi everybody I am glad you stopped back to Buzword for another review of a vintage 35mm Film camera. This week we will be looking at the Minolta SRT 101. A couple weeks ago I jumped onto Amazon to spend my gift cards that my children gave me for Fathers day.  I know I have held onto them for awhile, but I was saving for something to do with photography.

Minolta introduced this SRT 101 in 1966, and produced them for ten years. This camera had a TTL meter, ( Through the lens metering). This camera has a very bright view finder, and a easy focusing system. So I bought this camera for $45 on Amazon, it is in fabulous condition, and works great as well.

Last weekend my home town of Cortland, NY held its annual Brockway truck show on main street. Cortland is the Home of Brockway trucks, and now has a Brockway museum to preserve the history of Brockway. Check out their site to see what all the fuss is  about.


Ok lets get back to the important stuff, “The Camera” I loaded a roll of Black n White film into the SRT, and headed down to main street. There where a lot of people roaming around looking at a the wide veriety of trucks that lined both sides of the street. The Minolta felt good in my hand, but I must say it is a bit heavy. It is about the same weight as my Canon 7D. The sun was out with very few clouds in the sky. This camera has a meter in it and it works, but I was not sure how good it workes. So I used the sunny 16 rule to make sure my exposers turned out good. My film was ASA 400, so I set my shutter speed to 500 and my aperture to 16.


Some of the trucks were in the shade so I opened my aperture up to f11 to make up for the lack of light. I loved the way the SRT focused, it was almost like my X700. It didn’t have the line in the view finder that you have to line up, but it was easy to get used to after a couple attempts at it. Who ever owned this camera before me took very good care of it, the thing is like brand new. 


As I walked around It seemed like everybody had a camera around their neck. I think I was the only one there shooting film, and If I wasn’t I bet I was the only one shooting with a 48 year old camera. I find it really refreshing shooting film. Like I have said before It makes me slow down and think about the image that I want to capture when I push the shutter. 


After I shot the roll of Black n White I loaded up a roll of 400 ASA Fuji film. The are the images that I am showing you in this blog post. Nobody in town develops Black n White film, so I have to send it out to get it done. I will post them as soon as I get them back from the lab. As far as the color film goes I like the pictures that this camera produced. I scanned them and brought them into lightroom for a little tweaking. I didn’t do much to them in lightroom at all, just a basic preset


My final impression of this camera is that ‘I love it” and I will be shooting a lot more rolls through it in the future. I need to find a nice strap for it, and I think I will look for a wide angle lens. It came with a 50mm 2.0 Rokkor lens. I will get on ebay, and shop around for some old glass for a good price. If any of you have any suggestions for me please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you guys are shooting with, both camera, and lens. 






I recommend to you guys to go out and get a inexpensive film camera, and run a roll of film through it. It cost about $12 foe 24 prints at Wallgreens. I do not plan on shooting 200-300 shots every week, but I think one or two rolls a week isn’t to bad for what I am getting. My next plan for the SRT 101 is taking it to the drag races and see what I can capture at the 1/4 mile. Stay tune for more images from this great tool from Minolta. Plus the UPS man just delivered another vintage piece to my front door. I am really excited to shoot with this nice find. Check back to see what vintage camera I will shoot with next.

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