Fuji XT1 and Lacrosse 


This past Saturday I packed up my fuji gear(XE-2, XT1, 18-55mm, 55-200mm) to go shoot my first lax game of the year. Even though the field had 2ft of snow all around it I ventured out to see how the Fuji would perform shooting the Fastest Game On Foot.

The tempetures where around 30 degrees, and partly cloudy with a chance of snow showers. Besides the cold it was a great day to try out my XT1 at stick and ball sports. In the past I have used a canon 7D with a 70-200mm 2.8 l lens. I sold all of my DSLR gear and invested in Fuijifilm mirrorless system.

We arrived during the last quarter of the JV game, so I shot some of that game to see how the camera was going to react. I was in aperture priority mode and set the ISO to auto topping out at 6400. It takes me a minute to get back into the pace of lacrosse. A big part is of it is knowing the players and how they shoot and what side of the goal they are shooting from. 

With my canons I always shot on continuose 8fps mode. With the fuji I set it on continuous focus and sing shot mode to start with. This seemed to work great, once I caught up with the pace of the game. I was shooting both RAW and JPEG. JPEGs where set to  black n white with a yellow filter. They came out awesome. I am so impressed with the JPEGs that come out of the camera. 

All in all I got a lot of keepers. I can’t wait for the next game and some warmer weather to get back out there and learn what this camera wants as far as shooting sports. It’s all good so if you own a mirrorless camera don’t be afraid to go out and capture some action with. Remember you might have to change the way you shoot, but you will have a great time doing it. 

Well thank you for stopping by and you can go to my web site at John Zachary Photography to see all of these images, and to my links to my social media sites. Also check out my podcast link http://madewithopinion.com/feeds/buzword/rss/ as well for some photography talk on Buzword podcast. 

Take care 

And remember Just Shoot!


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