Engagement Shoot

My daughter Rebecca is getting married to her high school sweetheart this October. A couple weeks ago Rebecca and I set up a day to go and shoot her and Bennetts engagement photos. Her fiancé works out of town during the week so we decided to shoot it Staturday morning. What we didn’t realize was that my wife had to work Saturday morning, bummer😔. Tammy (my wife) definitely wanted to be there for the shoot, plus she is my voice activated light stand, I kid!  So we rescheduled for Sunday morning. Rebecca and I visited the nice little town of Skaneateles, NY to scope out the areas that we wanted to shoot Friday morning. I packed my Fuji XT1 and a 18-55mm lenses to take some test shots to see if that’s what she looking for. 

The weather Friday morning was perfect, the sun just came up and the sky’s were blue with a few clouds. This is what we were looking for on Sunday. Saturday came and went with great weather, but Sunday morning was a different story. The temps were in the high 40’s to low 50’s drizzling rain and overcast with some low lying fog. Could it get any harder to try and get some beautiful images of two young adults that were so excited about this shoot?  


My wife and I woke up around 5:30 Sunday morning to meet the kids at 7:00am in Skaneateles. On our early morning trek, it was raining, and foggy. Not looking good. 😓 My wife texted our daughter to see what they thought we should do.They both agreed that if it didn’t stop raining we would all go to the local bakery for breakfast. When we reach Skaneateles the rain stopped and the fog was lifting around the lake, yeah 😀.

 It was on, as long as the rain stayed away for a bit. We unpacked my gear and walked down to the lake. Our first shots were near the edge of the lake, which made for some nice shots while  the couple relaxed in front of the camera. My wife was holding my flash while I shot from different angles trying to get a couple of ducks in the shot as well. A local couple Walked by with theIr dog, and the ducks jumped into the water. I set both of my  cameras to one stop under exposed and lit them with my flash from a trigger on my Fuji cameras. We shot around for a bit in that area, and then made our way down Main Street. This town is very easy on the eyes, with old buildings and nice brick hallways that lead down to the water. 

I used both my Fuji XE-2 18-55mm, and XT1 55-200mm for the entire shoot. I would switch my radio trigger (for the flash), back and forth between the two cameras, which is real easy to do. Both cameras were set on manual, ISO around 600-800, shutter speed from 180th – to 60th and I would use my aperture to control the light from my flash that fell on them. My wife kept the flash output around 1/32- 1/8 power.  I set my XT1 to shoot both RAW plus JPEG, with the Jpegs set to black & white. Most of the Black & White images that came out of my camera looked awesome. I love the yellow filter setting for JPEGS, they are stunning. 

As we move down Main Street we would stop and grab a few different shots In front of some shops that were closed for the day. One place that we stopped in front of was the place they stayed the night Bennett asked Rebecca to marry him, very cool. We also snapped a few at the window were they sat for dinner when he popped the question. My wife and I enjoyed listening to them as they talked about that special night by the lake. 


  We walked to the other end of Main Street where the boat docks are, as well as a big boat that serves dinner cruises during the summer. This made for some good images with the docks, boats, and old street lamps. Some of the locals were out running , or walking their dogs around the town. They would say good morning, and smile when they realized what we were doing. By this time Rebecca and Bennett had relaxed and started having fun with each other in front of their parents, and camera. Both of my Fujis worked great for this kind of shoot. I wish I could do more of this type of shooting.



I was hoping to have my new 35mm 1.4 for this shoot, but it did not arrive in time. I can’t wait to use that for my next shoot, wide open he he! We ended the shoot and started to walk back to the cars to put my equipment away, and head to the bakery for some treats. On the way back I stayed behind them and shot them as they were leaving the town. This was a pretty cool look to end the shoot. We had a blast, and I think the images came out great. My daughter and Bennett are enjoying  them as well. 


All in all with the gloomy weather and early morning fog we had a good time with the young couple. 


Thank you for stopping by. To see the entire engagement shoot head over to my site  John Zachary Photography 

Take Care, remember “Just Shoot”



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