Was The Fuji X100t Worth Buying?

I have been shooting with Fuji cameras for almost two years now. My primary camera is the Fuji Xt-1, my second body is the XE-2. I love both of these cameras. They work great for everything that I shoot. From bridal showers , weddings, lacrosse, football, motorcycle racing, and auto racing. All they do is take great images. In early spring I bought the 35mm 1.4 and just love the images this thing produces. For my sports photography I use the 55-200mm Fuji lens. This works great as well for what I’m shooting. I can not complain about those two lenses at all. 

For the last two years I have been covering large car shows for a couple magazines. At a car show it is tough getting g close to the car and keep people out of your frame. So I was looking for a wide angle prime to use for these events. What should I buy the 23mm-14mm-or the awesome new 16mm? I was confused for sure. Research was being done every night after work, but I still wasn’t sure what to buy. I was also looking at the X100s, and X100t, instead of a lens.  So I pulled the trigger on the X100t because of the wifi option that I use a lot when shooting a event. I try to get some pics up before somebody post a iPhone pic of the event. Once that happens my images are just another picture. 

So far I have shot the X100t at drag races, The Syracuse Nationals for APEX magazine, and a Bridal Shower. Along with a few odd shows in my local area. I love this camera. The way it handles almost every thing I throw at it. From fast moving objects, to low light shooting at high ISO. This thing rocks. For the most part I use the EVF because I can see my exposer in real time and I don’t have to chimp after taking the shot. 

Everything that I have been shooting is RAW plus JPEG, and processing in Lightroom.  I must say the Jpegs are awesome straight out of the camera. Normally I use Black n White with a yellow filter. Wow they look great. At the Syracuse National I carried the X100t around my neck all day long. I would set it on auto ISO and aperture priority. If I needed to I would ride the exposed compensation to got the exposed I wanted. 

At first it felt different to me because the button placement is different than my other two fujis. The 23mm 2.0 lens seems to work great for shooting events like a car show or a bridal shower. My 35mm is just to tight for a car show, so the X100t works wonderful. I did use the ND fo,yet a few times when I wanted to shoot wide open. This is a great option for outdoor shooting. 

Battery life is not the best which we all have read about. What I did was buy two extra batteries whith the camera p, and carried them around in my pocket. No big deal they are small and easy to carry. The more I shoot this camera the more I understand how people fall in love with it. Sure it’s not perfect, but it is awesome, and fun to shoot. It’s my Leica, that’s what I tell my wife. I can not afford a Leica so this is the next best thing. 

One thing that I’m looking toward to doing with the X100t is high speed sync flash.  I am planning on doing a automobile shoot with my speed lights, and triggers with this camera. With the leaf shutter you can shoot with a flash at shutter speeds faster than 180th of a second. This should be fun to try, and I hope to learn a lot about shooting high speed sync. 

All I can say is you can’t go wrong with this camera. It is a wonderful addition to my camera bag. I won’t be shooting a football game with it, but I will use it in the sidelines for sure. This X100t and my XT1 on my person during a event is a great combo. I think I can grab almost anything thT comes up.  If you are looking for all of the spec on this camera go to YouTube and you cN find it all there. I just wanted to tell you how it works in real life. I hope this helps some of you with your next camera purchase. 

It’s a keeper for sure. Thank you for stopping by, check out my site John Zachary Photography

Remember Just Shoot! 

Take care,




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