Still In Love With My Fuji’s

Yes it is true I still love shooting with my Fuji cameras. It doesn’t matter such one I use for a shoot they all rock. I use my XT-1 for most of my action shoots, and my son uses my XE-2 as well for sports shooting. When I am covering a car show or other events I use my X100T, shooting both RAW and JPEG. I set my JPEG to black n white, the images are stunning that I get out of that camera. 

Not only are the images wonderful, but I can also send a few to my phone and the up load them to my social media sites. This way I am bearing the IPhone users with images, and better looking ones as well. The more I use these cameras the more I love them. I feel creative when shooting a event, I am not tired at the end of a shoot either. I stay fresh through out the entire shoot, it’s great. 

Shooting for magazines, newspapers, and my blogs, these cameras produce great images for all kinds of media. 16×20 prints look as fabulous as they do on a 27 in IMac display. People are screaming about Mega pixels, I say yes I understand, but the way most images are being enjoyed it doesn’t matter. 12-24 mp work great for most anything needed as far as printing and on the web. 


High ISO is great as well in these cameras. When I’m shooting action I need to have a fast shutter speed to stop the action. With the ISO performance I can achieve high shutter speeds without worry. Then I can clean them up a bit in Lightroom to get the look I need for that image. Both images below where shot at 3200ISO. I didn’t want to use a flash because I wanted to show some motion. So I cranked the ISO and panned them as they went by. 

I just wanted to do a follow up on my switch to Fujifilm cameras from Canon. These cameras are great for almost anything you want to shoot. I say don’t be afraid to go out and buy one, you will love it. 

Take care

Remember Just Shoot!




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