Why Wouldn’t You Use A Fuji?

This summer has been jammed packed with photo shoots of different kinds of events. From flat track motorcycle racing to snowmobile grass drags. For the first time in 5 years I used nothing but mirrorless cameras for all of these events. 


Let me tell you what I have in my camera bag. 1 XE-2, 1 X100t, 1 XT-1. 18-55mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 55-200mm 3.5. 23mm 2.0 on the X100t.  I use two flashes with cowboy studio triggers. This combo seems to cover most everything that I need at a shoot. The only thing I might add to it is a wide angle lens, like the 14mm we will see. Before I by one I will rent it first to see if it is worth the money. 


My summer started off shooting some drag racing, and Flat Track motorcycle racing. Drag racing is much easer to shoot because the cars are being shot as they leave the line. Now  motorcycles are a bit tougher to shoot. Fuji’s continuous focus on the XT-1 works great. I use either the zone or single point focus. Once I lock onto the bike or car it stays with it very well. Once and a while it will grab something in the background, but it’s good most of the time. 

Now with my XE-2, and X100t I shoot them a little different. The continuous focus is not the same as the XT-1. I  pick a spot and pre focus, then grab the car or bike when it gets to that point. Earlier in the summer I started to slow down my shutter speeds with all of my cameras to show movement in my shots. There are a lot of sports shooters out there that set the shutter speed as fast as they can and shoot away. I used to do this but it looks like the subject is parked on the track, and not moving. 

Sure these shot look cool for awhile, but there is no movement. The tires are stopped, it’s just sitting there. My Fuji cameras do a great job of showing movement at slow shutter speeds. I have been down to 1/30th of a second and grabbed some cool shots. Most of the time I am shooting at 1/6oth – 1/125th of a second. It takes some practice, but it is well worth it when you get what you want. 

                                               1/125th of a second SS

                                                1/6oth of a second. X100T

                                                 1/30th of a second XT-1

Durning the middle of the summer I was still shooting motorcyckes, and Dirt Modifieds, but I was also shooting  car shows in the area. For the most part I used my X100t. I love this camera, it’s light weight, it has a built in ND filter, and a 23mm 2.0 lens. After walking around all day at a show I feel good not having to lug around a big DLSR with me all day. 

Picture quality is great in these cameras. Most of these images in this blog have been or will be published in a high quality Automotive Magazine. Apex Automotive Magazine. Everything that I am covering, the Fuji cameras work as good as my old Canons. I understand if you have a complete DSLR kit, and are happy with it, then don’t switch. If you are tired of the big camera bag and heavy gear hanging around your neck, look into a mirrorless system. 

Another thing that I am loving about these cameras is the Wifi. During Super Dirt Week I was shooting RAW plus JPEG and uploading some images from the track right after I grabbed the shot. This is AWSOME. Most of the media has to shoot, and then go hand in their card to somebody to edit and post online. People want info fast now days, the first one to post the images and story gets the views. 

Like these three shots. I shot them loaded them to my phone and posted them up on social media before practice was over. One morning I shot a round of practice and wrote a blog post with fresh images and posted it while waiting for the next practice. All with wifi and my phone from where I was shooting. It is crazy what these cameras allow us to do. 

If you are shooting a wedding, it takes days to get your images done and off to your customer. By then social media sites are flooded with crappy images from the special day. By the time you get yours out there it’s old news. So why not grab a few during the wedding get them up right then and there with a link to your website. This way guest will see some quality pictures, and will want to see more when you finish them. It just makes sense. 

As you can tell I love my Fuji cameras, but I am trying to let you know that they work great for what ever you are shooting. ISO is great I have shot 6400 to get the shot and the images looked good enough to use.  

                   This shot above was shot without flash at 4000 ISO XT-1

                          The above image was shot at 6400 ISO XE-2

To conclude don’t be afraid of these small beast, these things Rock. I shot from Wednesday to Sunday 12 hrs a day and didn’t feel all worn out from carrying heavy cameras around all week. I put two batteries in my pocket and used a 32gb card. That’s all I needed to cover Super Dirt Week 2015. 
Thank you for stopping by

Remember, Just Shoot



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