Emerald Isle North Carolina

Two years ago was my first time visiting Emeral Isle, NC, and it was wonderful. This year my wife Tammy and I joined our neighbors, and some friends. All of us stayed together in a nice beach house Called “Dolphins Watch”. A beautiful house near the pier on the beach.

My wife and I meet our vacation friends Sunday morning to start our week long vacation. The weather was wonderful with temps in the high 70’s all week. Our first day on the beach Tammy and I developed pretty good sun burn to start out the week.  Cliff and Cathy and their family, a long with their friends Scott and Melanie where already at the house when we arrived. They where able to begin their stay on Saturday. We had a wedding to attend on Saturday, giving us a later start then the neighbors.

Our days consisted of  early morning coffee and a nice stroll on the beach. There were not a lot of people on the beach for the most part. Down by the pier was a bit busier but, defiantly not packed with vacationers. After our beach walk we grabbed a little breakfast and then headed out for a laid back bike ride. We had Beach cruisers to get around the lovely vacation town of Emerald Isle. The town has nice bike paths for all of the riders to use to get around the town. When all 11 of us got on our bikes and headed into town we looked like a small biker gang in shorts and tee shirts. Ha ha. One day we even road our bikes on the beach. Now that was fun.

Most days we would all separate and do things that we wanted to do, but then getting back together for supper. While us guys cooked on the grille and the lady’s getting things together in the kitchen, we would hang out shooting pool or just starring out at the ocean..renting a beach house is such a great way for a bunch of people to enjoy a nice house and a great view for a week. We all sat together enjoying the nights meal and a few stories from the day or even from our lives back home.

After supper we would get cleaned up and head out for another bike ride. Early in the week we discovered the game of “Cornhole” at the welcoming  center in town. We teamed up each night and played three or four games a piece. After the first gMe the winners would play and the looser would match up against each other. My wife tammy and I even snuck off during the day and played a few games before our nightly match ups. He he. We needed the practice.

Some of the games became pretty compeative through out our stay. It was so much fun trying to be the team to beat each night. ” we never had that title our selves”. But still fun.

After our very intense Cornhole games we would ride to one of the three icecream stores in town and celebrate the win or,our loss with a large cone of happyness. When all of us walked into the icecream store they workers looked at us like a bus just pulled up.

After a few laughs and some delicious icecream we mounted our bikes again and headed back to our house under the moonlight. It was always a fun ride back to the house with lots Of laughter and messing around on our beach cruisers. Half of us would break off and go a different way trying to beat the rest of the gang back to the house. Usually we would end up getting back to the house about the same time. Good fun!

Later in the week some pretty intense water volleyball games took place in the heated pool. Some afternoons we just sat on the beach and did nothing but listen to the waves break on the beach. The children had fun playing in the sand for hours while us adults soaked up the sun.

Everyday we would spot Dolphins a short distance from shore. This was pretty amazing seeing these awesome creatures close up on a daily basis. One day Wendy said she saw something pretty big  in the ocean in front of our house. We all started looking at the vast ocean for something big. All of a sudden somebody yelled there it is. I ran up stairs and grabbed my camera with a long lens. I zoomed into the area of this animal, and was able to get a couple shots of the Humpback Whale. This was very cool, I wish I could have gotten closer to the massive Whale for some better shots.

There was something new going on in or above the water everyday. From whales to ships, and fighter jets in the sky. Always something cool to look at, and talk about with our friends.

We had a great time staying in Emerald Isle for a week. We met some nice people, and created memories for years to come. I recommend renting a house for a week t anybody looking for a wonderful vacation spot in the United States. You will not be disopointed, I can promise you that.

Until next time,

Take care



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