Fuji’s On Vacation

  Last week my wife and I headed south to Emerald Isle, NC for a beach vacation with some friends. We rented a house right on the beach for a week. 

  Not only was I excited to get away from everyday life, I was also pumped to get my Fuji cameras out and take a wide range of images through out the week. My camera bag was packed with my XE-2, XT-1, and my everyday X100t. Along with my Fuji bodies I packed my 18-55mm, 55-200mm, and my 1.4 35mm lenses 

  The weather was perfect all week, with temps in the high 70’s and low 80’s, perfect for a beach vacation. Most of the week I had my X100t around my neck documenting our week on the beach. For the most part the 23mm lenses was perfect for what I was shooting. 

  I did have to break out my XT-1 with the 55-200mm lens for action in the water or sky. Like the kite surfers in the image above, that came down the edge of the beach a couple days during week. Also military planes and helicopters that fly overs all of the time. 

  Some of these images are JPEGS that I sent to my phone and processed in Lightroom mobile. I did this so I could post them on social media sites and tagged our friends to share. 
I loved the ND filter on the X100T it was great outside in the bright sun shine. 

  Now on the other hand I used the X100T inside at the aquarium on Friday at 3200, and 6400 ISO. The images didn’t look to bad at all. 

  Of course when a plane, ship or even a whale came buy I needed to go and grab my XT-1 with the 200mm lens, but it worked out most of the time. 

  So I’m not sure what one camera and lens would have worked for all of these situations, but my combo worked out good for the week. We had a great week in NC, I had a great time shooting my Fuji cameras. I never did get my XE2 out of the bag, but it was there just in case. 

  Once again the Fuji cameras worked great for my vacation shoot. 

Thank you for stopping by. John Zachary Photography

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