Summertime Coverage 

Yes you heard me, summer has arrived in upstate NY. Living in Central, NY can be a challenge sometimes as a photographer. With 5 or more months of snow every year and just a a few that we can call summer, outdoor photography can go from absolutely nothing, to shooting every weekend durning the summer time. 

What I cover the most is Motorsports. Everything from motorcycles, Dirt Modifides, and drag racing. If it has anything to to with Motorsports I try and cover it. In the winter I will cover a few snowmobile races,and maybe some indoor car stuff, but there are not a lot of those events around this area. 

No worries summer is finally here. I have been able to shoot a couple Dirt track races in the area, and a couple motorcycle races as well. It felt good to get back to the track and see some racing. At first getting my timing was a surprise these cars are fast, but after a few laps I was dialed. 

This year I plan on taking a lot less images per event. Instead of taking 1000 pictures I hope to pick and choose my shots.  I do not use burst mode with my fujifil cameras, I choose to shoot single frame at a time. Just like I did in the film days. 400-500 Images a night at the track should be enough to tell a story about the event. If not then I guess I shouldn’t be doing this at all.

Another thing that I am doing is shooting RAW plus JPEG. This way I can up load a pic from my camera to my phone, or IPad Pro during the race, and get my pictures up before any of the other 20 photographers do. With Fuji cameras I have the option to use wifi and move my images over to phone and process them. Fuji JPEG are incredible out if the camera, so very little post is necessary. I love this work flow. Sometimes in the bright sun it is tough to see how the image looks before posting. I have posted some shots thinking they looked good, only to find out later that they probably should not have been posted. Oh well it is a work in progress. I will master it, and benefit from my all most live event coverage. 

Now days people want stuff right now, not three days after event, but right now. This is where we are headed in photo journalism. Sure one can post a few iPhone pictures or even a snap shot of the back of their camera, but giving them a real image soon after it is captured is what they are going to want in the near future. 

Now that we are into June means the racing season is in full swing. Along with the show car season that is also a every weekend deal. I have no excuses now on not having any content to share with all of you. Thank you for stopping by, I will do. My best to get some images and event coverage out to you guys. 

Take care, 




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