How Important Are Pictures To You?

  What do you think? How important are pictures to you? With everybody using their phones to take pictures, we have more images today then we have ever had before. Let me ask you something? Are our pictures today more important,  then images taken in the past?  Do old pictures hold more value then today’s images? Is quality better then quantity? In the past very few images were made, compared to today’s numbers. 

  For instance, if I am at a race shooting the entire event, but there are 12 other photographers there too.  All of us get almost the same shots lap after lap. Now 40 years ago there might have been 3 photographers at the same race, with each of them shooting maybe five rolls of film. This means each shooter had 180 exposures of a single event. We all know that not all 180 picture where worth keeping…… He he. Now with three photographers that is only 540 images total. Heck now days guys shoot twice that many in hot laps. This is how I see it if one guy captured the pass for the lead in traffic, that makes his shot worth more then 6 guys getting 30 shots of that same pass.

  Call me crazy,but one or two shots of something is way more valuable then 50 of anything. Here a good one.  In the past few years a few guys started shooting from outside the track to get something different then the next guy. Yes I get it, but now everybody is out there next to him. So what’s the point of any of this expensive “Hobby”? We spend thousands of dollars for equipment every couple years.  Then we spend hours in front of a $2500 computer screen on Sunday’s processing 1500-2000 images for some online publication to use three to five images total. If we are lucky we might sell a few prints on our website that cost us $250 a year to maintain.i think we need to capture images for future generations to enjoy, but at what price?

  I love taking pictures of all kinds. Sports are my favorite for sure, but just getting credentials for a show is like pulling teeth. I shoot for a (real) high quality Automotive magazine, and it is a struggle trying to get into a event to help the venue with great coverage. I just don’t understand what it takes to get on the list for these events. By no means I’m not saying that all of those shooters should not be there, but why is it so hard getting into a event with a good publication?

  Ok enough of that crap 😳. Have you thought about what I asked you earlier? Does having more images available to us make for better pictures or have we giving up on quality for quantity? All I want to do is capture a moment in time to enjoy, and for my grandchildren to enjoy when they are adults. I’m afraid that at the end of the day a picture will not mean as much in the future as they do now, and as much as they did years ago. 

  We went to a wedding this past weekend. During the ceremony family members were standing up taking pictures in front of the photographer. It was crazy. By the time the real photographer processed her images, Facebook was already over run with shots from the wedding. Not quality images but snap shots of the couples wonderful day. 

  This is why wifi in Mirrorless cameras have become a must for photographers covering any kind of event. We have to beat the phone photographers to the punch, or by the time we get ours done for delivery it’s old news. Sad but true. A couple weeks ago I went to cover racing at a track that I have been covering for six years now. Most of the people know who I am and where to find my images. They have always supported me by purchasing a few images here and there which is awesome in my book. I put the sales $$$$ towards future upgrades in my equipment. I love covering these races. I am trying to capture a bit of history for these racers. Someday they will wish they had them to show their children or even grand children. As I walk around the track I see mothers with expensive cameras a lenses shooting the races from the pit area. Early the next day as I’m uploading my images to my site, the racing moms are posting pictures of all of their friends all over social media sites. I must admit some of the shots are good. So there I am uploading shots from the night before, it’s a Sunday and riders are using the free mom pics for their profile pics. No need to buy a pic from me when they can get a so so pic for free.  Again what is the point of doing this every weekend anyways? 

  My point of doing this is I love photography. I keep shooting for the love of it, but that does not make it easy to put up with stuff like this. I keep thinking if I stick with it I might get to shoot for a real publication, and get to cover a ton of cool stuff! Wait I already do shoot for a real magazine and it is not really any easier obtaining press credentials. What should I do, or what should we do as photographers?  Give up and let the masses take over, or fight for what we believe in? I will always own a camera, but how long will I continue to buy new equipment, and spend countless hours to make a few bucks? 

  I haven’t even mentioned the guys shooting video, and selling full event DVD’s. I know from experience that sales drop when the video guy shows up. Yes I understand wanting to watch yourself on video. Years from now you will not have a way to watch these videos. I can tell you that you will always be able to enjoy a printed picture. No special equipment needed. I myself have old footage of me racing as a kid, and young adult. These things are great but we do not own a VHS player or even a DVD player any more. So those movies are pretty much worthless. I do still have some pictures of my racing career that I can share with my children and family. Get some prints today, I promise, you will not regret it. 

  I guess that is it for now. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, but let’s not kill the meaning of capturing special moments with a few shots. 

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