Six Things I Love About Fuji Cameras

6. I love the way I use them camera when shooting. It is like shooting my Minolta X-700 film camera. Aperture dial, shutter speed dial, and the smaller size makes me want to shoot more.I do not have to dive into a confusing menu system. Every thing I need to grab a shot is on the outside of the camera. 

5. I really love the image quality that I get with my Fuji cameras. I shoot RAW plus JPEG, most of the time. I always post process my RAW files after a shoot. I am not sure if I really need to anymore, but it is a old habit I need to break. The JPEG files that come straight out of camera a amazing. More and more I am using the JPEGS for social media, rather than a edited RAW file. 

4. Great lens choices. Fuji is killing it with their lens line up. I use the 18-55mm kit lens. The 35 1.4 mm lens, and the 55-200mm for most of my shooting. Also in my bag is a x100T, which is equipped with a 23mm lens. Most everything I shoot these lens fit my needs.  If there is a special event that I might need a wider, or longer lens I rent one for a few days. This helps me complete the job as well as let’s me try out the lens before I buy it. Now Fuji is making weather sealed glass for their cameras. They have stepped it up and we Fuji shooters are loving it. 

3. The price. The price of these cameras and lens are less then the high end DSLR cameras. I know they are still not cheap, but you can get a body and wonderful lens for the price of just the Body of a DSLR in some cases. The new X-Pro 2 is $1699 for the body only. I think it is a tad high but, for a great 24mp sensor weather sealed, duel card slots, and wifi.i think it I s really worth the money.lenes  are around 600-1200 for a weather sealed prime. Half the size and as good quality as a full DSLR lens. 

2.Size. I know everybody has said it, and it’s true. After lugging around a DSLR and a 70-200mm all day you are shot. That’s not even mentioning the second body with wide angle lens, and flash hanging off the other shoulder. Those things are freaking heavy. After covering a race or wedding my back hurts, my shoulders are tired, and I’m ready for bed. I’m not kidding it’s tough hauling those cameras around all day. Since I started using the fuji’s, covering a day long event it much easier to do then before. At the end of the day yes I’m ready to go home, but I wasn’t ready to leave four hours into the shoot. My camera bag is smaller and lighter, sd cards instead of CF card holders, batteries are smaller. Everything is just easier to to have either you during a shoot. Plus my image quality is as good if not better then my DSLR. Don’t be afraid of the size. This doesn’t mean smaller camera less image quality. Not true. 

1. They are just cool. I mean these things look great and work even better. With all of the dials, and the wifi, phone app, and little instax printer,  they are awesome. I have always wanted a Leica camera,  but I will never be able to own one for sure. So the next best thing is my fuji’s.  People always ask, “are you shooting film”? I’m like (he he) no but thanks for asking. When people see me covering a event with these small cameras they always look twice. I wish I knew what they were thinking, but I have no idea. Now days I shoot and post right to social media in real time through my phone or iPad. The Fuji app is the best. This way I get pics up before most of the other guys do by hours. I know DSLR cameras are coming with wifi now as well,but I hear the apps they use are clunky. Fuji has hit a home run with theirs. Also when shooting in a crowd, I just flip down my LCD, raise my camera up and get the shot. I do not have to poke and hope the way the other guys might. Sure I sound like a Fuji fan boy, and I might be.  All I can say is these things make me smile, and I hope I can make other people smile with my images from them. 

They rock for sure kept shooting I will talk to you later

Take care



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