Snow Flight

Yesterday I posted my first flight with my DGI Phantom 4 Pro. Well today I went out again to get some more flying in. 

It was snowing out with a slite wind and 18 degrees, not perfect conditions to practice flying a drone. 

So there I was in my sweat pants and a coat looking at my Phantom flying around the neirborhood through my IPad Pro. Our one year old lab ( Booker) was outside with me as I took flight off the picnic table. He was not happy, barking and jumping toward the 


 With Booker barking his head off I took off to about 250 ft. Heading over our church that is located behind our house. Early this morning I went in to my settings and sleep wed the controls down some to get a smoother look in my videos. For the most part it worked much better then the default settings from factory. 

I circled the church trying to keep a nice slow pan around the building. This was not easy for a newborn pilot with frozen fingers. 😩

Along with video I wanted to mess around with some still shots from the fantastic camera 🎥 on board. As I flew around I snapped some shots of our house and my dog waiting patiently in the yard. 

From what I see shooting RAW plus JPEG works fine for what I’m doing now. I am using the JPEGs for social media and my blog. I will upload the RAW files into my computer later in and process them in Lightroom. 

It is going to take a long to get the hang of this thing, but I have my head down and moving g forward. 

Stay tuned for more drone missions in the near future. 

Thx for stopping by

Take care,

John will 


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