I love My Drone

If you have been following my blog you all know that I just bought a DGI Phantom 4 Pro drone. I purchased this drone to add to my photography options. 

Of course the first thing is to learn how to fly the drone, before I can expect to get any real images from the 20MP camera. So far I have put my Phantom in the air 8 times. Like I have said in my other post it is cold outside here in upstate NY.  So the conditions are not ideal for learning how to fly. 

I think I have watched almost all very video about the Phantom on YouTube  in the last couple weeks. This is a great way to speed up the learning curve while it is cold outside. 

Along with the old weather slowing my fling down, I broke my ankle at work the other day. ( I am so Bummed). Now  have to have my wife bring the drone outside for me as I stand there in the old on crutches learning to fly. 

I will get past this but it’s just a little frustrating not being able to put in the time flyingbthst I really want to do. 

I hope to get a few more flights in before Christmas, weather permitting. Not only do I want to understand how the bird reacts in certain sintuations, I would love to try all of the different flying modes available. Some of these seem like they could’ve a good way to capture some shots that I hope I can get at events next year. 

Well that’s about it for now. Look for more post this week. I hope to get out after work this week for sure. 

Talk to you soon



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