Fuji XPro-2 Thoughts So Far 

My first Fuji Camera  was the XE-1 Black. I loved this camera.  At the time I was shooting Canon 50D, and 7D, with Canon glass. Most of my shoots were sports or action events. I bought the Fuji as a small camera to carry around with me instead of the Big and heavy DSLR. 

Since then I have sold all of my Canon gear and now shoot Fuji. I use the Xt-1, X100t, and XE-2. I shoot Motorsports for the most part, and love the images that I get with my Fuji cameras. I have always wanted a XPro1, but just couldn’t afford one, and it just wouldn’t work very well for what I am shooting. 

This year I sold my Sign business that I have had for 16 years to my daughter and son in law. The main reason for selling my business was to persue  my photography Career.  This year I am shooting and writing for APEX automotive magazine, and Race Pro Weekly. Both magazines will allow me to travel the east coast covering Motorsports and carshows through out the summmer. 

My gift to my self from my business was going to be either the new XPro2, or XT-2. They are both great tools for any photographer. Every night for months I researched both of these cameras inside and out. For what I shoot ,the XT-2 was a no brainer until Fuji released a super firmware update for the XPro2. This update brought the continuous focus options on the XPro2 to up to where the XT-2 was. The only difference was the two custom settings avalible on the XT-2.  

Now I had a to make a choice. 😳 I love my XT-1 so I know with all of the improvements on the XT-2 I could go wrong, but I have lusted over the XPro-1 for ever. Now with the XPro2 offering a ton of new options I was leaning toward buying it. 

Well my lust won out and I bought the Wonderful XPro2. Last Tuesday it arrived in the mail from Amazon. I did the firmware update and started messing around with it in the house. I set up the buttons like on my XT-1 so they would be the same for me when switching back and forth at an event. The feel of this camera is solid in my hand.  This thing is built like a tank. I love it. Saturday I had a festival to shoot in Syracuse, NY. This was going to be a great way to learn how this camera handles.

I mounted my 55-200mm onto the XPro2 and had my 35mm 1.4 and 18-55 2.8 in my camera bag as well. All three lenses worked great though out the day in all situations. Around my neck was my X100T that I used for candid shots during the festival. 

One of the first things I noticed was how fast this camera was. Compare to my XT-1 it was quiet and fast. Focus was awesome all of the time. I didn’t hunt for focus at all during the day. I switched it to 8fps when the dancers and fighters were putting in their shows. It worked great capturing some good action shots. 

As the day went on I tried different settings offers on this beast, just trying them out in the field. The optical viewfinder is sweet for action shooting. I could see what was coming into my view before it got there. I’m sure I will be using this when shooting Motorsports this summer. I love the EVF as well. It works fast and Is bright as well. I love shooting with the EVF. I can see my exposer first hand while shooting. No chimping for me. 

I used one and 1/2 batteries in the four hour shoot. That’s normal for a mirrorless camera now days. To me it’s no big deal, I just carry a couple extra batteries with me for a event. Two SD card slots make it easy to have a back up card in case of some glitch with one card. This is good insurance when covering a event or wedding. I love the files that come off this new 24mega pixel censor. They are beautiful. 

All I can say so far is I love this camera. I can’t wait to get to the racetrack and shoot with it. I hope it does as good as I think it will. Stay tuned to see how my action shots turn out. 

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