Fuji Xpro-2 Second Thoughts

Welcome back to 215 everything photography. A couple weeks ago I bought my lust camera the Fuji XPro-2, and did a blog post about my first shoot with it. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and read my first thoughts on the XPro-2. 

Last weekend I finally was able to get out and put it to the test. Friday night I went to our local height school lacrosse game and took senior pictures of the players and their parents. While I was there I figured I would shoot some of the game. The game started at 7:30pm under cloudy sky’s. This was going to be a true test on the XPro-2’s performance. I sat parked my self at the end of the field where the home team was shooting on goal with my 55-200mm lens and monopod attached to my new tool. 

Shooting lacrosse is not a easy thing to do under great lighting let alone cloudy sky’s at dust. It took me a bit to get my timing right, but once I did I captured some good images. 

To get my shutter speed up to 500 or above I had to push the ISO up to 6400 at first. Once the sun was behind the bleachers I had to bump it up to 12800, 😳 I know wow that is crazy. I remember shooting my Canon 7D at 3200 and the images looked horrible. In Lightroom I did clean these shots up a touch but not much for being at 12800 ISO. 

As far as the speed of the camera and focus speed, it was fantastic. I had maybe 8-10 missed shots out of 300. 8fps was what I used for part of the game and then I went back to single shot, because I hate editing a ton of image. One at a time works for me. If I miss the shot then oh well. So over all I was very happy with the way it worked at the lacrosse game.

Ok now there is more a lot more. Saturday our daughter graduated from Collage. We got up early in the morning and headed out to commencement. Of course this would take place in a poorly lite gymnasium, and we sat a long way away from her seat. Again I mounted my 55-200mm zoom onto. Y XPro-2 and cranked up the ISO. 12800 was my lucky number again. My shutter speed was around 250-125. But there wasn’t much movement to I hand held for some decent pics of our collage Grad. This camera was a joy to shoot with under these conditions. The focus was almost perfect. The only reason I rejected a few imag e was because of the shot it self not because the camera did not perform. Have I said I Love This Camera Yet? Well I do. 

Two days,two shoots,two thumbs up👍🏻👍🏻. Sunday would be the true test for me and this beast. Auto racing, that’s what I shoot. This means it has to perform or I will get rid of it. My friend and myself traveled 3 hours south the The Action Track USA in Pennsylvania. I brought my XT-1 along with me and my complete camera bag. This race was a big one paying $5000 to the winner of the SpeedSTR class. I was covering this race for Race Pro Weekly. This was my first race for these guys so the pressure was on. We arrived and it was raining, not good. Once it stopped racing we made our way to the pit area and I set up shop in the infield for the nights hot lap sessions. 

Lucky for me the sun came out for a while letting me drop my ISO to 400. When I shoot Motorsports I like to use a slow shutter speed to capture movement. 1/125th- 1/250th is the norm for me. My XT-1 had a 18-55mm on it and my trusty 55-200mm was on the XPro-2. I messed around a bit with the different custom focus settings, ending up with the ignore objects one.  It worked great, missing a few times because of sun reflections of the cars. This thing is a animal. It worked awesome. At first I was shooting single frame, but switched to high speed burst to see how it would keep up with the fast moving cars. Again nailed it. 

As I panned the cars and held the shutter down, it didn’t miss a frame, wow 😳 that’s a good thing. Here is a flip that I fought right in front of me. The driver was 👌,and my Fuji worked great. 

The next test would be when the sun started to go down. Again I just cranked up the ISO to 1000 and let her rip. I noticed other photographers looking at me, and my camera. They had their big DSLR’s and big ‘ole lenses, and I had my Range finder XPro-2 and my XT-1. It was great I love it. 

For the main events I needed to use flash so I mounted my flash into my XT-1 and put the XPro-2 away for the night. I didnt wNt to change lenses in the dusty environment. As far as batteries I used 1 and 1/2 in my XPro-2. 1200 or so images, and one battery in my XT-1 grabbing 500 images or so. My keeper rate I would say was 85% – 90%. Missed focus shots were about 15-20 if that. I did get rid of some because I always try to get some shots at 1/60th to 1/30th of a second shutter speed, but that’s my fault not the cameras. 

I couldn’t wait to get home and see how they looked in Lightroom. On the way home I took some JPEG’s and sent them to race pro Weekly so they could get them posted early the next day. I had to wait until Monday night to get a look at the RAW files, because we didn’t get home until 2:30am😴. Once I opened up the RAW files I was blown away. They looked great. So as you can tell I a, very happy with this camera so far. Some people say these cameras won’t work for action shooting, I say ok you think what you want, but I love it so far. Next weekend is another three days of motorsports with my Fuji’s. stop back and see if I am still s,idling about the XPro-2. 

Thank you for stopping by,



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