Busy Motorsports Weekend With XPro-2

This weekend was full of Motorsports action with my Fujifilm XPro-2. Saturday night I was at Square Deal Riders for their opening race this year. 282 riders packed the place in tribute to Jamison Minor , and Kyle McGrane who both lost their life in accidents last year. 

This was my first time shooting motorcycles with my XPro-2. In the past I have always used my XT-1, and XE-2. I was very excited to use my new XPro-2 at my home track. Just like I thought the thing worked great all night long. With my XT-1 I shoot single shot and not burst mode. Now with the XPro-2 I have been playing with the 8fps mode and boy it’s fast. The only problem is I need to catch up to it to keep the bikes and cars in the frame. This might take me a bit to get used too.

The more I shoot this camera the more I love it. I know I sound like a Fuji fanboy, but dang I love this camera. It makes me love photography again.  Yes a DSLR might be a better choice for shooting sports (Maybe) but for 1/2 the price and weight these fuji’s are perfect for me. 

Sunday night I made my way to Weedsport Speedway for a World Of Outlaw Sprint car race. Now these things are fast.  This was a hardest test for my XPro-2 so far. With my 55-200mm on m XPro-2 I tried a bunch of different ways of shooting these ultra fast racecars. Again at first it was tough to keep up with the drivers as they screamed by at over 100mph. Continuous focus in zone mode was my AF setting, and 8fps shooting mode. In manual. I had the shutter speed at 1/250th and my ISO around 800-1000. I love showing motion in my shots. Perfectly clear and sharp images are not easy to get. I could crank up my SS and get tack sharp images, but anybody can do that. I fugure if I can’t show how fast these cars are then why bother. 

After a few missed shots I found the sweet spot and started grabbing some great image. 

With the threat of rain lingering in the air, light was not perfect for this kind of fast action. The rains did finally cancel the race so I was not able to pop a flash and see how that worked out. Tonight I am going back to Weedsport to cover a Big Block Modified race. The weather looks so so again, but I hope we can get the entire show in. 

The more I shoot with this beast the better both me and the camera will get. Don’t be afraid of buying one of these Fujifilm cameras for shooting sports. They do work, and do work great. 

It is just a little different then shooting with a Big DSLR. I think it makes me more creative overall. The more I shoot the more chances I am taking. Oh what fun it is. John Zachary Photography

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