What Is The Future Of Still Photography?

Is still photography less important theses days? I guess it depends on how you look at photography. With most everybody carrying a camera in their pockets (phone) I would have to say there are more still images being taken today then any other Time in history. 

With that being said those phones also take wonderful video. YouTube is huge for content today. I know I watch YouTube more then I do TV. There is so much information on YouTube, that it is so easy to get sucked into a lot of different subjects. I watch a ton of photography videos.  I can’t consume enough about all kinds of photography. 

Now that brings me to the question What is the future of Still images? With most people consuming content in video form, where do our Still images fall into today’s world. With 4K video still images can be grabbed out of video coverage. So why should we take pictures with a regular camera? DSLR, Mirrorless, or phone. Why not just shoot video and take 12mp stills from it and forget about taking tons of shots?

For me video seems big and bulky.  It is not light to work with. You need a lot of power and storage to cover all events in video. I have started to shoot some video at events, but I always go back to shooting pics with my Fujifilm cameras. Printed Still pictures are timeless, and will be around for future generations to come. Video on the other hand is questionable. How many of you can watch those VHS tapes of your children when they were young? I know right there is nothing to play them on. 

Events around the world are being covered with Smart phones, and Go-pros, how do we compete with them? When I go to a local race I see older photographers in the corners shooting the race. There are not to many young kids getting into Still photography. Does this mean when we ( the older shooters) are done shooting, the coverage is going to go away? I hope not, but really who is going to do it. Sure there are a few young guns out there, but for the most part if they are young they are shooting video. 

Don’t get me wrong these kids are great at what they do, but I am worried about 30-40 years from know. Are we going to loose a generation of history because there is not much young blood coming into photography? I sure hope not. 

I would love to be able to teach a class on photography, or get a club going that could get the interest of today’s generation to grab a camera and document history.  Teaching them to print their images and how to keep them for later on in life. I know they will enjoy those images when they are older, it’s just getting them to do it now. 

I have a lot more to talk about on this subject. Please give me some feed back on how you feel about the future of Still photography. Let me know what you are done no to fight back, and what you plans are in the future. 

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