Are Still Images Still Important?

In my last blog post I was asking what is the future of the still image? With most social media site moving toward video, what will be the fate of a digital image. I am worried that we might not be thinking enough about saving our still shots. Yes video has been around for ever. Since 8mm, beta, VHS we have been video recording life for along time now. So I guess photographers have survived all these years with video niping at their heals. Now days video is taking over how we look at life and it’s events.

You Tube is huge. What ever you are into you can find it on YouTube. I find myself watching YouTube more then I watch TV. Snapchat, instagram, and the 5000lb elephant in the room Facebook have all implemented video. Today’s generation is using the heck out of video on these sites. 

A lot of people would rather watch a video then read a blog like this one. I might be one of those people. I do read blog post everyday, but sometimes I just want to sit and watch a video. With this being said where will still pictures fall into all of this in years to come?

I hope we will always have still printed pictures to enjoy in the future. With things like Fuji instax cameras and printer avalable, I hope people are appreciating the feel of a print in their hands.

To day is the day we will be talking about in the future. Having some still pictures to go with our memories would be good to have. Grab your cameras and start documenting the history in your life, you will thank me later. Go through your camera roll on you phone and pic ten images to get printed. I use Free Prints app for some of my prints. You get free prints every month. Just pay the shipping. This is a easy way to get some of those special moments into print.  

Well I guess that’s it for now. Video is cool, but I think the still image will be around for ever. 

Just Shoot

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