Using Photobooks to Save Your Work

In my recent post I have been talking about making prints of you images. Prints will last a lifetime. You will not have to worry about being able to open files that were saved on some kind of device 20 years ago. A photo isn’t a photo until it’s printed. This summer I decided to make some photo books of all of the events that I cover this year. I am still making prints, but with a book people can pick up the book and thumb through 20 images in a nice package. 

It all started when I downloaded the free prints App. With free prints you get so many free prints month, by just paying shipping. I think this app will get people printing images that they have stored on their phones. For the first month I just sent them some images that I had on my phone to see how quality was. My first order looked great. After a few orders I found the freeprints Photobooks app. It’s the same idea as the free prints app, one free book a month with the buyer paying for shipping. This app offers three different books. A 5×7 softcover for 9.99, 6×8 hardcover for $14.99, and a 8.5x 11.5 hardcover for 29.99. I have ordered all three of these books, and they all look great. My favorite is the 6×8 hardcover. This seems to be a good size at a descent price. 

The soft cover is very nice too, but I like the feel of the hardcover option. One thing that I have noticed when choosing images for your book is to increase you contrast a bit. Some of my images looked washed out when printed, compared to what I see on my iMac. Other then that I love the books, and how easy it is too make one. All I do is take my images out of light room mobile and put them into my camera roll. The open the app and import them in to the book. You can chooose the layout, pick what kind of cover you would like, and even remove their logo on the back cover if you like. The turnaround time is good too. After placing my orders I usually see my creation within a week or so. 

So if you are thinking about printing some of you images that are clogging up your device, this is a good option for you.  It’s easy, fast, at a fair price. There are better books options out there with much better quality for sure, but to document what you have been shooting Freeprints, and Freeprints books are the way to go. Dig deep in your camera roll and put together a book, you will love it. Enjoy!

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