Fuji XPro-2 Two Months At The Track 

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping in. I just wanted to give you a update on how my summer shooting is going with the XPro-2. So far this summer I have covered 8-9 races and 5 car shows, all with my new Fuji XPro-2.  It seems like the more I shoot with it the more I love it. 

We traveled to Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago for two nights of USAC racing. These cars are fast and not easy to get into the frame. In the past I have always shot one frame at a time, but now with the XPro2 I find my self shooting at 8fps. It’s so fast, and keeps up with focus most of the time. I found that it misses sometimes when the sun is reflecting off the side of the cars. But not very often. 8fps is nice but with every frame in focus they all look the same. This makes for longer times sitting at my desk in post.  I switch between single and burst mode through out the event. More on the single frame then the card filling burst mode. 

I have to admit my XT-1 has only been out of my bag for some candid shots in the pit area, and victory lane shots. I love ❤️ the XPro-2 so much I don’t even think about the XT-1 much. Don’t get me wrong the XT-1 is a great camera, but I love shooting with the XPro-2 more. It just fells good shooting with it. 

When shooting the races I use the 55-200mm lens. I hope to get the 50-140mm lens soon to replace my 55-200mm. For car shows I have been using the XPro-2 with the 18-55mm, and my X100t. These two give me all I need to cover these shows for the magazine I shoot for. It is great having a small camera instead of a heavy DSLR around my neck. This is a perfect camera for event coverage. I love it. 

My schedule is filling up for July with lots of racing and three days at the Syracuse Nationals car show. I am so glad I will be using the XPro-2 for this show coverage for  APEX Auto Magazine. This camera just makes me want to shoot. 

As far as racing goes I will be covering the American Flat Track National, more Sprint car racing, and some drag racing all for Race Pro Weekly. Anybody still on the fence about this camera, I say jump off the fence and enjoy shooting pictures again. 

Have fun,

Hope to see you soon



2 thoughts on “Fuji XPro-2 Two Months At The Track 

  1. Great shots John! I’m seriously considering the XT2 and wondering what focusing setup you used for these action sequences?

    1. Thank you for the comment. For the most part I use the second one ignore obstacles, continue to track subjects. This seems to work the best for what I’m shooting. There are telephone poles trucks other photographers in the infields of the tracks I’m shooting. It works good for me. I have tried this third one but the cars and bike I’m shooting stay at the same speed for the most part.
      With the XT-2 you will be able to fine tune these presets as well I can’t do that on the XPro-2. But I love it. Have fun with the XT-2 if you get it.
      Take care.

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