A Great Summer With The Fuji XPro-2 

Early May 17 I purchased my Fuji XPro-2 Camera. Like I have said in older post I have always wanted the XPro-1 since it was announced. Well I finally was able to get the camera of my dreams the XPro-2.

I would guess that most people that plunk down a lot of cash for this beautiful camera are using it for street photography, portrait photography, or just as a everyday camera. I use mine for all these things, but the main use of my XPro-2 is Motorsports. Yes that’s right I shoot fast moving, dust in the air, bad lighting Motorsports.

As I stand on the infield of Race tracks of all kinds, fellow shooters are sporting the usual DSLR camera and big lenses. I used to be one of those guys, and has great results, but I wasn’t having fun shooting. Now I absolutely love shooting with my camera. People look at me and my equipment, but most say nothing. Which is cool 😎. I would love to talk photography with them, but rarely do. It’s a shame I love to talk gear, as well as a good race. Through out the summe I have totally changed how I cover thes events.

Instead of aperture priority I now shoot full Manual all the time. With the XPro-2 is is easy and a joy to turn knobs and aperture rings to get the exposer that I am looking for. For the most part I am shooting at slow shutter speeds to show movement in my images. I keep pushing the shutter speed down slower and slower to try and get that one awesome speed shot.

Above I was at 1/125th at f18 and 500iso in the middle of the day. I was focused on the driver and the rest of the car is moving. These cars are fast and should be captured as such. Below is a shot that I tried a real slow shutter speed 1/13th at f 18 were my settings. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a cool shot.

I have put the XPro-2 through a ton of different situations, super hot, real dusty, rain, cold, and just using it for all kinds of events. So far it has worked perfect. I love this camera. I shoot singke frames most of the time, but when the action is fast and furious I switch to 8fps, what a beast this thing rocks. Continuous foucus works great catches most everything that I get in the frame. I did have a couple issues when the light was bad and there was a lot of dust in the air. No more then a DSLR would miss, so no big deal at all.

I shot over thirty races over the summer.  I used my XPro -2 for everyone of them. At the end of a long day of shooting the Fuji gets a good cleaning, a fresh battery and is ready for the next race on the schedule. The battery life is pretty good. I use two to three batteries per Race. Not a big deal I just carry a few batteries with me in my bag. That’s with sending 10 – 20  images to my phone through out the night. I shoot RAW, and them do a RAW conversion in camera , send it to my phone or iPad Pro using the Fuji app. Then I import them into Light Room mobile, week them a bit and send them to Instagram, or the publication I’m shooting for. I ,love this way of shooting. I am getting images of drivers up on social media before they get out of their cars.

While other photographers Race home to dump their images onto their computers, I have already posted and emailed my event images before I leave the track. Now days the first to post get the most reads.  It’s huge to get the race results out to the waiting fans before the competition. Like victory lane shots. I shoot them send them to my phone then up on the web as I’m walking to my car. Thank you Fuji.

So I still love the XPro-2, I barley use my XT-1 at all any more. Some time I have a long Lens in my XPro-2 and a wide angle on the XT-1. This seems to work out great at most events.

Drag racing, motorcycles, what ever I am covering this thing delivers. I know it’s a beutiful camera that should Be treated like a precious gem, but it is also a work horse, and I have but it through the test this past summer.

I plan on shooting with it this winter as well. So stay tuned to see how she performs in the northeast winter covering snow sports.

If you are wondering if you should buy this camera? I say do it. It’s a wonderful tool that puts out amazing images. I love this camera, and can’t wait for my next event.

Thank you for stopping in. If you have a XPro-2 let me know how you use it, what you think about it.

Take care,



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