Fuji X-E2 My Monochrome Camera 

The second Fuji Camera that I bought was the XE-2. This was my main mirrorless camera for a year or so. I loved this camera and how it operated. After shooting with my Fuji most of the time, I sold off all of my Canon gear. With the cash from my Canon equipment I went out a bought new Fuji XT-1 to use as my main camera body along side the XE-2. These two cameras are great tools for my Motorsports shooting. I mount a prime on the XE-2 and my zoom on the XT-1. This was my kit for a couple years. 

I say was my kit because last may I bought the XPro-2. The XPro-2 is now my main body with the XT-1 as my second body. So my once loved XE-2 has been left in the bag for most shoots. This years Thanksgiving I broke out the XE-2 and mounted my 35mm 1.4 lenses on it to get some shots of our family during the days fesivities. I shoot RAW for all of my shoots, but on this day I set up black and white with the red filter JPEGs  on my XE-2. 

I love the Black n White images that come out of my Fuji Cameras, they are great. 👍🏻 I set the ISO to 2000, and my SS was around 125th- 60th of a second all day long. No flash just avalible light in our house. 

As I was shooting I fired up my Fuji app on my phone and brought the images into Lightroom mobile for a little post processing. I added a little contrast and a vignette. That’s all they needed. I ,over the way they look and shared them with our family from Lightroom mobile. 

These memories are priceless and capturing them with my XE-2 was fun and easy to do. So my plan is to leave this camera set to Black & White JPEG , and use it a lot more in my work flo in future shoots. I just love 💕 the whole camera, to phone, to LR work flow it’s fast n easy.  

In conclusion my XE-2 is still the same great camera it has always been, and it is now my own monochrome Camera. I figured selling it would not bring money so why not use it for special events?

Well thank you again for stopping by 

I will talk to you soon

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7 thoughts on “Fuji X-E2 My Monochrome Camera 

  1. thats’ great. you know, i am just having the same situation as you. i got the X-pro2 as my main companion & thinking to convert the X-E2 as an IR camera…in order to give it a new life…however, i am in a bit hesitation because i still love the colors from the X-E2.

  2. You did a nice job with the family photos. The X-E2 is my main camera and I do love it. I even recently used an X100F for the first time and, even though it was nice, it somehow made me miss my X-E2.

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